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Food is not up to the standards



  • Shannon Hemmins

    Really bad and food wasn't cooked properly

  • Quantumleaper84

    There was a long black hair in one of the milkshakes that were ordered. When we called to report this, they tried to imply that it was one of our own hairs (neither of us has long black hair) and insisted that the person who makes the milkshakes “wears a headscarf” therefore implying it couldn’t have been her hair. When asked for the manager’s name, the phone was put down and we were unable to make contact again. I have no idea how this establishment got a 5 rating for hygiene.


  • Sophie Jupp4

    Having had a pork chop suey on Saturday night, I noticed that some pieces of pork were barely cooked and very red. Some hours later, I became ill and spent the next 24 hours throwing up and missed 2 days o work which, I suspect was due to food poisoning. No-one else in my family had this dish and no-one else has been ill. I will not be using Panda again.


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