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The Takeaway is not answering the calls



  • lukas Baranowski

    the order arrived after 2 hours and of course there is no complete lack of ordered extras

  • Bobby Tek

    Don't order from here! 

    They are unprofessional,the order takes far too long and then it isn't even correct. I had to wait over 1 hour for my donner kebab but then I got dry donner meat and chips instead of donner kebab with salad which I requested.

    They should shut this place down. Staff have attitude problems too,

  • Quin McCormack

    My delivery is and hour late

  • Quin McCormack

    Told 45 minutes at 6.45 and can't get through to you what is going it's under the name Andy

  • Karin Murach

    I'm afraid you are not going to get your pizzas. We made the same mistake last week. This firm seems to have closed but its website is still open. You should make a chargeback claim with your credit/debit card company. You can also try emailing as they seem to run the website.

    Sorry I don't have better news.

  • Ria Garside
    Never received my order just taken my money and don't answer the phone

  • Ahogan

    My order is over two days late! 

    Cannot get hold of the takeaway.

    You have my money! 



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